MPE 2021: Tackling SCA, fraud and building TRUST

We have joined the MPE 2021 talking with other payment experts and thought leaders to talk about the challenges which we are seeing in 2021 related to Strong Customer Authentication requirements and how merchants and payment service providers are building trust with their customers to prevent fraud. A key discussion focused on how merchants can prevent the most common SCA and 3DS2 technical issues and how they could optimize strategies with SCA exemptions, 3DS2 smart routing and Delegated Authentication.

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1. Keynote presentation: PSD2 is live: now what?

The PSD2 deadline is now in the past for most European countries and, based on independent data from surveys conducted in 2020, we know that the issuers responsible for the largest volume of transactions were ready for PSD2 prior to the deadline.

2021 marks the start of a change in the goal post. With the influx of richer data sets, PSD2 is quickly shifting away from a pure compliance play and moving into its strategic mission of driving better customer experience and trust. In this short session, we will recap key findings from the issuer survey and combine it with fresh merchant data gathered in the first months of the year. Attend this talk to learn how the payments ecosystem is prioritizing 2021 resources towards building or enhancing risk models that will ultimately drive smarter, better business decisions.

by Spencer McLain, Ekata

2. What to expect from SCA in 2021

PSD2 is now part of everyday life for payment experts. We are going through a transition phase that has faced some issues, requiring smart approaches to mitigate as much as possible the risk of transactions getting abandoned.

A long-term vision is demanded, to be sure that businesses are getting the best out of the new 3DS2 protocol, minimizing the deriving issues and the impact of not optimized Strong Customer Authentication requests. Take a look at this talk to learn more about our recommended strategies around advanced features such as SCA exemptions, why solutions such as Delegated Authentication can be a real benefit for many businesses while still protecting the customers from payment fraud and how merchants can avoid common SCA issues with smart 3DS routing.

by Marco Conte, Payment Universe

3. Payment Leaders Discussion

Moderated by Paul Rodgers, Vendorcom


Spencer McLain, Ekata

Marco Conte, Payment Universe

David Jeffrey, Barclaycard

Florian Jensen, Glovo


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March 30, 2021