PSD2 SCA April 2021 Market Status & Recommendations for Merchants

The implementation of 3D Secure 2 and Strong Customer Authentication has been a complex topic for many merchants due to technical implementation difficulties and the different European countries enforcement dates. Having a PSD2 Strategy and a detailed expertise about mitigation possibilities is fundamental to navigate the different challenges being caused by Strong Customer Authentication enforcements. Merchants should familiarise with key topics such as 3DS2.2, Low-Value Payments and TRA Exemptions, MIT frameworks, Delegated Authentication and so on.


At Payment-Universe we are supporting merchants, payment service providers and fintechs in minimising the friction caused by SCA and 3DS2, thanks to our 3+ years of experience with this topic.


Based on our PSD2 SCA experience we have summarised the current 3DS2 status, the key challenges being faced by merchants and the key must-to-know information related to PSD2, SCA, 3DS2 implementation, Optimisation & SCA Exemptions.


In our latest April 2021 update you can find more information about :


○ PSD2 SCA recap and how it is affecting the payment industry

○ Current regulator deadlines and soft-decline enforcement plans

○ 3DS2 Performances in main European markets

○ How to have a successful SCA & TRA Acquirer Exemption Strategy

○ Benefits from PSD2 SCA Delegated Authentication and 3DS2.2

○ Payment-Universe’s SCA Validator: How we bring your PSD2 SCA Setup to the next level


At Payment-Universe we have been working with merchants, payment service providers and issuers during the last years, managing products and operational processes related to online payment authentication methods. We have been very familiar with solutions and strategies related to the established first 3D Secure version and we have been proactively involved in many projects related to the latest protocol introduced by EMVCo ( EMV 3DS). EMV 3DS, or 3DS2, is the only solution able to get the full benefits from regulations such as the European PSD2 and the introduced Strong Customer Authentication requirements.


Last updated version: 14th of April 2021.




April 14, 2021

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