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Key Payment Expertise for Banks.

Banks are operating in a highly competitive, complex and regulated environment (AMLD5, PSD2 Open Banking and SCA to name few).

At Payment-Universe we work together with banks, issuers, and merchants to define and implement strategies that can answer today’s digital banking and payment challenges while keeping looking ahead with a long-term strategy mindset.

Our team of payment experts supports every aspect of your migration to the latest technologies and standards, end-to-end from planning to execution – to support you to speed up your time to market and achieve successful results.

We do have a full overview of the payment landscape as we provide services to the entire payment ecosystem.

Digital Payments Worldwide Forecast USD

  • Online
  • Mobile Payments

Source: Statista 2021.

The European payment ecosystem is rapidly evolving and with the latest Payment Service Directive 2 is aiming to facilitate innovation, competition and efficiency, giving consumers more choice and higher security for online payments. Open Weather you are complying with or building new solutions and alternatives to traditional processes, we can support in the following areas:

◦ Business Portfolio expansion

◦ Payment Initiation & Account Initiation Service Products and Solutions

◦ Innovative processes such as BankIdent and eKYC

Over the last years we have helped several banks and issuers in launching new products and solutions to expand their product offering. We support with:

◦ Issuing product end-to-end conceptualisation and execution

◦ Digital Wallet Solutions

◦ Selection of card manufacturers and processing solutions

◦ Issuing in-housing and scheme licensing

Issuers are on the first-line to fight fraud since decades. We know as well that not always processes and fraud prevention tools are up-to-date. With our fraud & risk experience we assist you with:

◦ Fraud Prevention Authorisation setup optimisation

◦ Risk-Based Authentication strategies for 3D Secure 2

◦ Selection of third-party fraud prevention tools

◦ Training and Education for your fraud monitoring and chargeback teams

PSD2 and the Regulatory Technical Standards had a major impact for banks and issuers over the last years.The Strong Customer Authentication requirements for banks and issuers touch several aspects where we can support you with:

◦ SCA for account and log-in operations

◦ SCA for online 3DS2.2 payments

◦ Lower customer friction solutions leveraging FIDO Authentication

◦ Access Control Server selection and setup

Wether you are looking for interim management support or business strategy definition, our team of experts and partners is available to work with you covering:

◦ Interim team and product management

◦ Market sizing and analysis

◦ Customer segmentation for new products

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