RIsk and Fraud Management

Credit Card Fraud is a big threat to many online e-commerce businesses. According to LexisNexis, the true cost of fraud for every dollar of a fraudulent transaction can be identified as $3.78. This can have a huge negative impact on your e-commerce business. Having the right risk management strategy and fraud detection tools to limit the number of fraudulent chargebacks is therefore fundamental.

At Payment-Universe we help you to protect your business from the risk of eCommerce fraud while being focused on finding the right ways to maximize your revenue streams and customer acquisition. 

Poor and incorrect fraud detection does not affect only your revenues, it affects the customer experience of your legitimate buyers with your fraud prevention tools wrongly declining transactions (so-called false declines) and not being able to spot illegitimate transactions which result in credit card frauds and subsequent chargebacks.

As expert payment consultants, we have helped several online merchants with fraud management consulting establishing best practices to mitigate risk and to reduce credit card chargebacks.

During our fraud management consulting activities we assist merchants and payment service providers thanks to our extensive knowledge of the fraud market, third-party risk management tools and merchant fraud prevention strategies.

You will benefit from:

Risk and Fraud KPI framework to keep track of how payment fraud evolves.

Risk and Fraud Industry benchmarking to identify the payment health status of your ecommerce.

Chargeback Management Optimization for processes improvements and automation.

Risk management operational strategy to improve the way your fraud teams work.

Guidance and Commercial support for third party fraud detection tools choice and implementation.

Data Analysis improving to create and update fraud rules & Scoring models