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New PSD2-SCA 3DS2 Solution packages

The Payment Consulting company Payment Universe is launching PSD2-SCA 3DS2 solution packages to help online merchants become PSD2 SCA compliant and achieve better payment performances.

PSD2-SCA and 3DS2 have been talked about for a while but still many companies are not ready and do not know how to implement the necessary changes to comply with the regulation . Merchants are complaining today that the information and level of support received from their Payment Providers and the schemes are not enough to feel confident about the upcoming changes.

Payment Universe aims at simplyfing the 3DS2 implementation for all. The company offers a free PSD2 SCA starter package for everybody to learn more about the current market status and have an introduction about the required changes needed in order to implement 3DS2 and comply with Strong Customer Authentication ( SCA) requirements dictated by PSD2 .

“We see in the market that even the basics are missing today, therefore  we want to bridge this gap and provide insights and transparency”

Ronald Praetsch

The Practitioner package includes a questionnaire to capture all relevant aspects of the merchant’s business and current implementation status related to 3DS2 and PSD2. Based on the questionnaire answers Payment Universe will provide a customized implementation guide which can be used as a framework to smoothly apply what is needed to be fully ready with the new requirements. 

Last but not least – the last package –  SCA in a box will provide a complete end to end framework  for a smooth 3DS2 implementation and launch in 8 weeks.

Get PSD2 consultation today with our new PSD2-SCA 3DS2 Solution packages! Feel free to  Contact us for further details.